Ramadan Wishes and Why Ramadan is a Unique Festival


About Speech

This speech talks about the specialty of Ramadan and why the festival is very unique in terms of the health benefits it brings to the people. It convinces that as preached in Islam the world should look towards living united. This speech was delivered on the eve of Ramadan Festival at her School on July 2017

Transcript of the speech

Dear Friends,
Today I am going to talk on the importance of Ramadan Festival,Masha Allah, Ramadan or Ramzan is the month when the holy Quran was revealed to the world.
Ramadan is a very unique festival. Why ? because other festivals are about enjoyment but Ramadan focuses on a healthy mind.

During Ramadan Muslims all around the world observe fasting for 30 days Insha Allah When fasting is observed it brings huge benefits to the body.
A healthy body is very important because a healthy mind needs a healthy body. A fine body holds a fine mind. Subaan Allah Ramadan is all about that, making humans better.

Islam preaches brotherhood, As Preached in Islam let us treat each others as brothers and sisters. Our strength lies in being united with diversity
Let this Ramadan bring Peace, happiness and love, making earth a beautiful place to live.

Ramadan Mubarak to everybody !!!

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