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About the Speech
Nick Vujicic is the man who has shown the world that nothing can limit us. This video is about how Nick vujicic inspires millions to be truly independent.

This speech was delivered by Anu on 15th Aug 2017 on the eve of Indian Independence day Speech

Speech Transcript:

Dear Friends,
A very happy Independence Day to all of you. We have completed 70 years of independence. We have learnt quiet a lot about the struggle to achieve independence but today I am here to talk about what Independence means. Why is it important to know?

Let us imagine our father has got a new bicycle our father will be happy when we thank him for the bicycle but he will be overjoyed when we master how to use the bicycle.
Friends, similarly our great leaders have got independence to us through a long struggle and they will be overjoyed when we all feel truly independent.

I am very pleased to introduce Nick Vujicic a man who has broken all the boundaries to show this world that true independence starts from the heart.
Nick was born in Australia with one of the rare disorders called tetra amelia. He had unique challenges as he started his life as a little boy in this world. He went through depression, was bullied and constantly discouraged.

He was on the verge of collapse, thinking should he even live? Being pushed to the extreme, there came a moment when Nick realized that independence doesn’t spring form outside but from inside. His transformation began the moment he realized his independence is in his hands. He based his life on three pillars love, faith and hope.

Today he has made the world look up to him. He has transformed himself in to a motivational speaker who has delivered over 3000 speeches in 57 countries. Not just that he is an excellent swimmer who can swim even in sea, He plays football, does skydiving, drives a boat himself, surfs in the ocean. All things that you and I would think to do Nick has already done it.

His biggest achievement of all is that he didn’t just transform himself but he has transformed the life of many young people through his speeches. My good friends this miraculous transformation is possible because Nick has broken his boundaries to understood what independence means.

Today on this Independence Day I call upon all of you my friends to break your boundaries and come out of your shells to find what true independence is like because,

True Independence makes you Happy,
True Independence makes you Confident,
True Independence makes you “Be Yourself”

This Independence Day let us not just realize the value of Independence but also learn to be truly independent that is the real respect we can pay to our great leaders. An Independent person inhibits good moral. As Dr.Abdul Kalam said

When moral is in the heart there is beauty in the character
When beauty is in the character there is harmony in the home
When harmony is in the home there is order in the nation
When order is in the nation there is peace in the world

Let us work towards a peaceful world and it starts with You and Me being Truly Independent.
Jai Hind

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