JCB Machine Explained for Kids – Working, History and Function


About the Video

JCB Machine is a massive machine that Kids are always fascinated with. In this video Anu gives a very simple but complete overview of JCB for Kids. She speaks about the operation, Functionality and History about JCB.

Transcript of the Speech

In this video we are going to see How JCB Works. I am very excited because this is one of my wish as well.

JCB is a massive machine. There are two main arms in a JCB the digger or the back hoe on one end and the front loader on the other end. Why is the digger called digger because it digs the mud. The digger looks like single arm of ourselves.The front loader is used to push and collect the soil while the digger looks like a single arm the front loader is similar to our both hands put together.
I’m going to tell you an interesting fact about JCB. A JCB doesn’t need a wheel to stand it uses the vertical stabilizer to stand during heavy work.The digger can be changed with different tools like Rock breaker, Jaw bucket, Ripper tooth for special work.The JCB uses hydraulics for moving the digger and the front loader.

Come on Let’s get in to the cabinWell we are inside the cabin, the interesting fact about the seat is it can rotate 180 degree. When you want to use the digger you face the digger and to use the front loader you face the front loader.The controls are in the shape of gears you can move them forward and back ward to move the front loader or digger. The steering controls are used only during driving on the road. The JCB is a massive machine and it goes very slowly on the road.Before the JCB was invented it took a lot of time to dig but after JCB was invented it became quick and easy to dig. Just now the JCB digged so long. JCB was found by Joseph Cyril Bamford that’s why it is called J..C..B.. JCB. There are many companies like Volvo, Hitachi, L&T who make diggers but JCB has become a common name for diggers.

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